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I’m sure you have heard of participating in running or cycle marathon to raise money for charity, but have you ever participating in a 24-hour Gaming Marathon? That’s right, you read that right….a Gaming Marathon! Liquid Web will be participating in the Extra Life Charity event this coming Saturday, November 9th to Sunday, November 10th to raise money through the Children’s Miracle Network.

To discuss more on this event, I sat down with Joseph Hayhoe, the Office IT Manager at Liquid Web who is leading the project.

Can you start off by telling everyone a bit about yourself?

video games for extra life

My name is Joseph Hayhoe, I am the Office IT Manager here at Liquid Web. I am one of the event coordinators for Extra-Life. This is my fourth year coordinating the PC and Console gaming facets of this event. I have a passion for collecting and playing video games and have attended a number of PC gaming events over the past 19 years both in Michigan and as far away as Texas. I have been an employee of Liquid Web for over 9 years and have been in my current role at the company for over 4 years.

So, what is this event all about?

The charity is Extra Life, part of the Children’s Miracle Network, and has goals that are very similar to our own:  helping others … to be heroes, every day, without fail.  As Liquid Web is a member of the tech industry and employs many tech-savvy individuals, we have a large group of employees that enjoy many facets of gaming. This ranges from PC and console gamers to board and tabletop gamers.

Extra Life was a good choice to get the entire group together to socialize, have fun playing games, and collect money for a great cause. Each department within Liquid Web has an employee participate; from Maintenance, Networking, Security, Support, Office IT, all the way to Sales. It’s a great team-building activity. 

How many years has Liquid Web participated in this event? What is the turnout like?

charity extra life for children

This will be our fourth year participating in the Extra Life 24-hour marathon. We are hoping to raise $5000 this year and will have teams participating from the United States in Michigan, Texas, and Arizona across three offices: Liquid Web Lansing, Liquid Web San Antonio, and Nexcess. We have already raised $2,211 this year prior to the start of the event this Saturday, and have 28 employees signed up and ready to go, with another 21 guests planning on attending. In addition, Pinball Pete’s has donated two pinball machines for our event at the DC2 Lansing location.

All donations go to the Children’s Miracle Network. Donations stay local to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment, and charitable care.

If someone is interested in participating, how can they get involved?

Employees can participate by joining their respective team within Extra Life. Attendance at the office is not required but is recommended to experience the full social aspect of playing video games with coworkers in the same room together. Employees can choose to stream and play from the comfort of their own home if they are unable to attend the office events.

Non-employees can also participate in this event by signing up at Extra Life and collecting donations using social media and other tools. LiquidWeb is also allowing employees to bring one guest with them to the event to participate.

Are You Interested in Participating?

You can see live how each team is doing for donations:
Liquid Web – Lansing
Liquid Web – San Antonio

Visit Extra Life to learn more or to donate visit the donation page.

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