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New WHMCS Plugin Integrates Reseller Account with our Cloud Platform

While we’ve recently discussed our reseller program, and highlighted one of our more prominent resellers in this space, Liquid Web has an exciting new update to add. Participants in Liquid Web’s Reseller Hosting Program will now be able to offer more packages to their clients through a new WHMCS plugin. This plugin will allow resellers to integrate their accounts with our Cloud Dedicated, Dedicated, and VPS product’s API and provides them with the capability to easily resell our products.

WHMCS Plugin logoIf you’d like to learn how to install the WHMCS Plugin for reseller accounts, consult our Knowledge Base article here.

Customers of Resellers will be able to:

  • Deploy/Restart/Restore servers
  • Automate a customer’s request to cancel a VPS
  • Manage their domains
  • Automate emails and billing integration
  • Integrate merchants to Paypal and other tools, such as Maxmind or eNom

This WHMCS plugin takes a great deal of complication out of reselling our entire product line by allowing for VPS deployments to be created automatically and even pre-configured for resellers’ customers. In addition, a customer can then view their instance’s bandwidth and monitoring information from within the WHMCS client area. This is a new level of automation and service that is guaranteed to make life easier for resellers – as well as add value to the services they can offer.

Want to learn more about WHMCS integration with Liquid Web products? Contact us today.

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