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Cody Keisler - Helpful Human
“Many people are working hard to ensure everything works well and give our customers a great experience.”

Meet Cody Keisler

Originally from Gilbert, South Carolina, Cody Keisler graduated from the University of South Carolina Aiken with a BA in Communication and a minor in Studio Art in 2014. Since then, he has worked in marketing doing design and video work, as well as working with sports stats.

Keisler began his career as the Assistant Director of Athletic Communications, one part of a two-person team that handled all of the marketing, sports writing, and game stats for the athletic department at USC Aiken. Additionally, Keisler has spent more than a decade working on creating designs for brands and digital products.

Last year, he joined the team at Nexcess, where he is currently the Design Lead for the marketing design team.

Why did you join Liquid Web?

When my wife got a job 2.5 hours away from where we had lived for a decade, I had to start frantically searching for a new job. After some encouragement from her and others, I started applying for jobs at different tech companies — something I had dreamed of for a while. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, but here I am!

What draws you to the hosting industry as a career?

Working in this industry gives you a look behind the curtain that you don’t get even at other tech companies. It’s pretty cool to work somewhere that builds the foundation for the interwebs!

Is there something specific about Liquid Web you just love?

I like how close-knit the teams are. Because we’re so small on the staff side, we get to know each other pretty well. This gives us the opportunity to learn how to work best together as a team.

What’s your favorite part about the company culture at Liquid Web?

I’m a big fan of the culture around collaboration that we have. Anyone from any discipline can give input, and that helps us create a better result.

What is the biggest milestone you’ve accomplished?

Breaking out of the university environment (particularly athletics) to move into the private sector was an accomplishment I’m proud of. Often, once you’ve started in that sphere, you stay there forever, so being able to move past it felt great.

What are you known for at Liquid Web? What do people specifically come to you for?

Anyone who’s worked with me knows that I’m heavily focused on design—even beyond marketing—so my guess would be that.

What is one thing you wish our customers knew about their hosting?

Many people are working hard to ensure everything works well and give our customers a great experience.

Work aside, what are some of your hobbies?

I love the outdoors — specifically the mountains — so I’m a big fan of hiking, trail running, and snowboarding (though I don’t get to do it anywhere near enough). I also love D&D, reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy), and video games.

What is your favorite TV show?

Probably Scream, from MTV

What is your favorite app?

Things by Cultured Code

If you could have dinner with one famous person [dead or alive], who would it be?

​​Nick Offerman, no question.

We hope you enjoyed our series, and stay tuned for the next Helpful Human profile.

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