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Chris Cayden - Helpful Human
“I love the dedication to high standards and seeing how everyone is on board to accomplish that. The culture at Liquid Web is amazing. I’m on a great team, and it shows with the focus on quality and problem-solving. Everyone has a ‘can do’ attitude.”

Meet Chris Cayden

Originally from Pennsylvania, Chris Cayden moved back after spending several years living and working as a freelance web and graphic designer in New York City. He also spent several years working for the world’s largest short film festival as a contributing writer and co-director.

His first job in tech came when he was 21, working for a newspaper as a Printer’s Apprentice. Chris learned how to put together a daily newspaper and began working on the ads that would run in the paper—his first real experience with design software. Eventually, he started building websites, and learning about design, SEO, and social media marketing. Chris is now a Marketing Web and Content Specialist at Liquid Web.

Why did you join Liquid Web?

I had been freelancing for a number of years before joining Liquid Web, and I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to use my skills differently. At Liquid Web, I get to use my creative side as well as my technical side daily.

What draws you to the hosting industry as a career?

I saw it as a new learning opportunity about hosting and technology. Hosting interested me because I spent so much time dealing with other companies for my clients.

I dealt with many different hosting companies over the years and have had some not-so-great experiences. But Liquid Web has excellent customer service and goes the extra mile to make customers happy.

Is there something specific about Liquid Web you just love?

I love the dedication to high standards and seeing how everyone is on board to accomplish that. The culture at Liquid Web is amazing. I’m on a great team, and it shows with the focus on quality and problem-solving. Everyone has a “can do” attitude.

What’s your favorite part about the company culture at Liquid Web?

It’s fun and very productive. Everyone has a different background, and each person brings something unique to the table. I learn so much from just talking to people.

What is the biggest milestone you’ve accomplished?

In my first year at Liquid Web, I designed over 100 social media graphics and animations and worked on countless website pages, hitting deadline after deadline. It was diving into the deep end of the pool and working on multiple projects at once, and I loved it.

What are you known for at Liquid Web? What do people specifically come to you for?

I’m known for WordPress pages and social media animations. If you see a Star Wars animation or Harry Potter fighting off dementors, chances are I worked on it.

Plus, I’m funny, and I’m really good at pop culture trivia.

What is one thing you wish our customers knew about their hosting?

I wish people understood that good hosting is the difference between success and failure. As a freelancer, I would see bad hosting companies cost people business. If your site is down, it’s not just a bad look but can cost you money and customers. I wish people knew that good hosting makes life much easier and gives you peace of mind.

What is your nickname at Liquid Web and why?

In my best Forrest Gump voice: My name is Chris Cayden. People call me Chris Cayden.

Work aside, what are some of your hobbies?

I have been training in martial arts for a number of years, including Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Tang Soo Do Karate, and Jeet Kune Do. I was a kids’ class instructor for about six and a half years, teaching martial arts and self-defense classes. Also, I weight train, have competed in a weightlifting competition, and have run several 5K races.

In a weird way, I’m addicted to training and the feeling of exhaustion that comes after class. As my instructor says, “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.”

What is your favorite TV show?

Better Call Saul is something I can watch anytime, it’s so well written, and the acting is excellent.

What is your favorite app?

I like the jalapeno poppers at Applebees. Oh, wait, you mean my favorite phone app. I’d have to say TikTok (even though I hate to admit it). I’ve learned a few things from the app, such as putting a tortilla under your nachos will give you a vessel for all the little bits at the end. It’s like a bonus burrito. Who knew?

If you could have dinner with one famous person [dead or alive], who would it be?

​​I’d have to say Heath Ledger. I’m a fan of his work and would love to share a meal with my favorite Joker.

We hope you enjoyed our series, and stay tuned for the next Helpful Human profile.

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