Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller is the former Partner Manager for Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting. She's been involved in various aspects in the WordPress community for over 7 years and helped start a non-profit teaching kids to code, The Div.

How to Build a Self Sustaining Business

Building a self sustaining business with recurring revenue can help you move past the feast-or-famine cycle of freelancing. See how.
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Resources for Learning WordPress

WordPress is easily accessed, but still has a small learning curve. There are numerous resources available to learn WordPress whether you prefer video tutorials or reading a book you have the resources you need to become a WordPress expert.
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Simple Ways to Improve Website Speed

Page speed is critical to your online success. Create a seamless online experience for your potential customers that begins as soon as they enter your site.
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A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Developing a content strategy can feel overwhelming, so we talked to an expert who gave us tips on where to begin your content marketing program.
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Customer Spotlight:

Joe Casabona has started multiple companies including and HowIBuilt.It. He is a teacher focused on helping others with WordPress.
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