Storm® Object Storage

Highly Available Object Storage in the Cloud

Storm® Object Storage delivers a durable, secure, highly available solution for storage needs of virtually any size. By providing direct access via a simple API call and replacing the need to rely on additional servers for dedicated storage, it also offers a cost-effective option for many projects that can benefit from its streamlined architecture.

3-Copy Redundancy

Objects are protected by storing three copies of the data across a distributed system.

Durable Cloud-Based Storage

Backed by our SLA, a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee assures that your files are there when you need them.

Amazon S3 Compatible

Storm Object Storage is compatible with a large subset of the Amazon S3 RESTful API.

Flat Per-Gig Storage Pricing


No Bandwidth or Request Fees

Order Object Storage

Reliable Cloud Storage

If your data is vital to the performance of your site or development project, its important to consider your storage options and not leave any detail to chance. Redundant and highly available, 3-copy storage ensures that any amount of data that you need to store is ready to be directly accessed at a moments notice. Additionally, our 24/7/365 Heroic Support® and industry leading Heroic Promise SLA guarantee rock-solid, 100% Network uptime and that a knowledgeable technician is available at a moment’s notice whenever you require assistance.