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Melanie Purkis

Melanie Purkis is the Director of Liquid Web's Managed Hosting Products & Services. Melanie has more than 25 years of experience with professional leadership, project management, process development, and technical support experience in the IT industry.

How Does a Clustered Server Environment Help Businesses Save Money?

What is server clustering? It’s a unified group of servers under one IP address that can improve your performance and reduce downtime.
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The Best Cloud Trends for 2022 & the 5 Best Practices To Keep Up With Them

Find out the latest cloud trends, including multi cloud, hybrid cloud, serverless computing, artificial intelligence, and more.
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How to Choose Enterprise Web Hosting For Larger Websites

Find out the top considerations for choosing the best enterprise web hosting for your large website or application.
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What is Storage vMotion?

Storage vMotion facilitates the relocation of virtual machines and their data to alternative locations while preserving data integrity.
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What is a Private Network? Definition & Use Cases

Find out what a private network is, why you need one, and popular examples using VMware Multi-Tenant Private Cloud.
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Moving Traditional Windows Companies to the Cloud

Find out three key benefits of moving your traditional or legacy Windows software to the modern cloud in 2022.
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Why Should Your Business Choose VMware?

Find out what VMware is, how vCenter works, and the top 5 reasons why you should move to VMware for virtualization in 2021.
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Hosting VoIP on a Dedicated Server

Hosting VoIP services on a dedicated server comes with many real-world benefits, as well as a few drawbacks. Learn more about the VoIP technology today.
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The Role of Partnerships in Growing Your Software Business

With a partnership, you expand your capabilities and offerings, so your software business can do more and offer more for your customers.
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