Melanie Purkis

Melanie Purkis is the Product Leader for Liquid Web's Managed Hosting Products & Services. Melanie has 23 years of experience with professional leadership, project management, process development, and technical support experience in the IT industry.

How Can MSPs Stay Relevant in the Age of Cloud?

Managed service providers have long lived in a world where change is the only constant. From hardware to software, and applications to data, the ground is constantly shifting for those that provide technical solutions and support for businesses worldwide. At any given time, you must evaluate new offerings, update and support current solutions, and strategize […]

How to Stay HIPAA Compliant While Employees Work Remote

Ever since the United States introduced the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in 1996, organizations that deal with health information have been greatly restricted in the way they store, transmit, and process data. Until recently, for example, nearly every company in the health industry knew not to use unsecured networks, unencrypted devices, and […]

Choosing Which Control Panel is Best for Your Growing Business

Control panels are extremely useful interfaces for controlling web server options. When working with web servers, whether it be Windows or Linux, you may find yourself lost in the limitless possibilities of your web server applications. Control panels are designed and implemented so that making changes on web servers becomes simpler and easier for users […]

When to Invest in High Performance Hosting

Is your website or application growing exponentially, or are you experiencing downtime? Whether your company’s success is leading to website or application slowdowns, downtime, or availability issues, or you are expanding into a new business area that has different business requirements, there are many reasons why companies evolve into high performance hosting environments. But what […]

How Does a Clustered Server Environment Help Businesses Save Money?

Almost all businesses rely on online services for critical business processes, if not directly for revenue. Downtime and performance disruptions represent lost productivity and sales, along with mitigation, reputation, and other costs. The real cost of tech glitches and outdated technology could mean millions. For this reason, a large and growing number of businesses make […]

cPanel Price Increases, What Does This Mean to You?

In late June, cPanel, the most popular hosting control panel for Linux servers, announced a price increase to their clients which has caused a great deal of conversation in the industry. The majority of our customers, as well as employees, use cPanel, so this pricing change has certainly been the talk around the water cooler […]