Melanie Purkis

Melanie Purkis is the Director of Liquid Web's Managed Hosting Products & Services. Melanie has more than 25 years of experience with professional leadership, project management, process development, and technical support experience in the IT industry.

How to Stay HIPAA Compliant While Employees Work Remote

With the arrival of the pandemic, organizations were forced to move their operations to a decentralized environment. Find out how to stay HIPAA-compliant.
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What Is a Control Panel? Definition, Top Features, & Best Options

Find out what a website control panel is, why web server control panels are useful, top features, & use cases for cPanel, Plesk, & InterWorx.
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When to Invest in High Performance Hosting

A multi-server high performance web hosting environment can safeguard your business while growing revenue for certain kinds of companies.
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What Is Server Clustering?

Server clustering involves creating a unified group of servers under one IP address, boosting performance and reducing downtime. Learn more from Liquid Web.
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Do I Need to Future-Proof My Growing Business With Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting gives SMBs the tools to smoothly upgrade IT operations to sustain a strong growth period into the future.
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How to Prepare for PHP 5 Going EOL

PHP 5 is going end-of-life, so now is the time to start preparing your site for migration to PHP 7 or later. Early statistics show PHP 7.3 performs well.
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Effective Storage Strategies for SMB Workloads

Over the years we’ve developed an SMB storage reference architecture that’s vendor agnostic and has been highly effective in cost-effectively delivering optimal performance for most SMB workloads.
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What Is the Future of Automation of Healthcare?

The future of automation in healthcare is cost-effective and efficient. Discover how automation is transforming the healthcare industry.
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Why CentOS 5 Reaching End of Life is a Golden Opportunity for Your Business

By now you’ve probably heard that CentOS 5 reached its end-of-life earlier. Learn more about how easy it is to upgrade and the services we can help with.
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