Calleigh Fisher

Calleigh Fisher is a Product Administrator at Liquid Web. She is responsible for helping our teams deliver the products you know and love at Liquid Web! She has a technical background as a Support Administrator and a former Support Supervisor at Liquid Web. When not at work, Cal is usually found leading groups of players through tabletop games, writing stories, or cooking for her friends.

ARK Dedicated vs Non-Dedicated Servers Compared

If you are wondering whether to use a dedicated or non-dedicated server for ARK, this article compares the pros and cons of each and more. Check it out!
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Guide To ARK Dedicated Servers

Find out all the pros and cons of running an ARK dedicated server and how to set one up today with our step-by-step walkthrough guide.
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When Should You Upgrade Your Server?

Is it time to upgrade your server? Learn when to consider a server upgrade, what factors to look at first, and how to upgrade successfully.
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What is VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)?

VMware Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) allows virtual machines to move between different types of processors without powering them off.
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The Cloud Ecosystem: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re curious about the cloud ecosystem, then Liquid Web has your complete guide to understanding its definition and important concepts.
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VM Sprawl: Definition, Management, & Control

Fighting VM and system sprawl at your business? Find out best practices around management and how to control VM sprawl now.
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2 Methods for How To Make a Gaming Server

Creating a game server has never been easier! Follow the steps provided by our guide to set up your gaming haven and host multiplayer sessions.
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