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email marketing strategies for customer retention

Email Marketing Strategies for Customer Retention

Marketers know that first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Although positive early interactions with customers are important, the interactions following that initial contact are just as critical. It’s those repeated interactions that build brand loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and create long-term relationships with customers. Laying a solid foundation from the beginning
growth hacking strategies
Growth Hacking Strategies for eCommerce
Every entrepreneur dreams of seeing his or her business grow, but business growth doesn’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen without a plan and a strategy. We’ve collaborated with experienced ...
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multi-channel inventory management
A Guide to Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solutions
Adding more sales channels to your business model can create inventory management headaches. When you sell on multiple online marketplaces, you may have to maintain numerous inventory systems. In a ...
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multi-channel marketing
5 Examples of Brands with Great Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies
What do Apple, Starbucks, Disney, Under Armour, and Bank of America have in common? They all make hundreds of millions of dollars of sales while offering an incredible user experience ...
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facebook for woocommerce
Getting the Most out of Facebook for WooCommerce
Facebook is one of the most-trafficked websites on the planet. Only Google and YouTube see more. With 1.56 billion daily users, Facebook’s user base is impressive, and 31% of the ...
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analyzing multi-channel attribution
How to Understand and Set Up Multi-Channel Attribution and Reporting
Most online retailers and eCommerce businesses rely on numerous sales channels to drive conversion and revenue. This is called a multi-channel attribution marketing strategy. But, there’s a problem. How do ...
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twitter for business
How to Get the Most out of Twitter for Business
Did you know there’s a tool that connects you with an endless stream of potential customers, free of charge? We’re talking about Twitter; one of the most effective marketing tools ...
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A Guide to Multi-Channel Inventory Management Solutions

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