Creating a Staging Site in Managed WordPress Portal

Reading Time: < 1 minuteLiquid Web’s Managed WordPress Portal allows developers to create a staging site to test design, plugin and configuration changes without affecting the performance and look of your the live site. Once your staging site is created, you have the same functionality as you do with your live site to make changes, use SFTP/SSH for file management and run updates to view changes before making them to your live site.
  1. Log into your Managed WordPress Portal.
  2. Click the Manage Site button to open the site to copy to a staging environment.
  3. Select Staging from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. In the staging home page, click Copy Live Site to Staging and the process will begin.
  5. Once the site copy is complete, click the Staging Domain link to open your staging site.
Your staging site is now ready for you to work on and test!

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