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Liquid Web provides a robust set of Managed Web Hosting Services to support your infrastructure.
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Dedicated Servers

A private server wholly allocated to you and fully managed by our team of Heroic Support engineers. Built on premium hardware and featuring the latest server technologies.

Storm® Servers

The next generation of server hosting which provides the power of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of cloud hosting. Instant Provisioning, Automatic Migrations, and More.

Virtual Private Servers (vps)

The ideal solution for clients who require the control of a dedicated server matched with the affordability and simplicity of a traditional hosting account.

Traditional Web Hosting

Our traditional web hosting is designed for clients who need bulletproof reliability and unbeatable Heroic Support at an affordable rate.

Protect Your Server with ServerSecure™

ServerSecure™ and ServerSecurePLUS™ are exclusive Liquid Web services which are designed to save you both time and resources. The initial ServerSecure™ setup option provides many additional security services and modifications to the default Operating System and cPanel installation. ServerSecurePLUS™ greatly enhances the security, reliability, and compatibility of your server and software by adding daily CSX Scans and a multitude of server hardening initiatives. What would have normally taken you hours of installation work, or the hiring of an outside systems administrator, is now done for you by Liquid Web. Your server is locked down and ready to run as soon as you receive it.

Two Security Levels to Choose From

Whether you need basic security measures setup on your server, or you require enhanced security hardening, we have a ServerSecure Solution to meet your demands.

  servsec-tblhdr servsecplus-tblhdr
Firewall Protection  serversecure-check serversecure-check
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection  serversecure-check serversecure-check
HTTP Intrusion Protection  serversecure-check serversecure-check
Server Hardening  serversecure-check serversecure-check
Daily Security Audits  serversecure-check serversecure-check
Disable Root FTP Access  serversecure-check serversecure-check
Daily CSX Scan   
Monthly Nessus® Vulnerability Scans   
Web Server & PHP Hardening   
SSH / cPanel / FTP Hardening   
Advanced Server Exploitation Prevention   
FREE SSL Certificate - A $249 Value!  
Cost Free $50/month

Additional Services Included

The features below are also included in both ServerSecure and ServerSecure Plus, for even more added security and server reliability.

ClamAV Anti-Virus for Email ClamAV scans incoming and outgoing email for viruses, worms, and trojans.
Anti-Spam Filtering Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) filtering is enabled using custom Liquid Web rulesets.
Chkrootkit Looks for commonly used rootkits, backdoors, and exploits. Also checks for other signs of intrusion.
Rootkit Hunter Looks for commonly used rootkits, backdoors, and exploits. Also checks for other signs of intrusion, and tests system binaries.
Mod_Security HTTP Intrusion Protection System for filtering exploits. Customized ruleset used.
Disable Unnecessary Processes Disables any services which are not needed for normal system operation.
Remove Unnecessary Packages Removes any extraneous packages to remove potential attack and DoS vectors while reducing system footprint.
Secure Temporary Directories Secure /tmp, /var/tmp and other directories to prevent against unauthorized binary upload and execution.
Secure Directory Permissions Strengthens file permissions on many world-writable directories.
SSH Hardening Hardens SSH server disabling things like X-11 forwarding and SSHv1. .
Daily Security Audit Custom Liquid Web security scripts are installed to report on possible security issues.
PAM Resource Hardening Enforces PAM resource limiting to prevent against attacks.
Sysctl Hardening Modifies kernel operating values to strengthen TCP/IP stack against various attacks including SYN-floods.
ImageMagick Graphics software package commonly used by many web applications.
NetPBM Graphics software package commonly used by many web applications.
Mod_gzip Compresses HTTP traffic to speed up web-browsing times for your visitors.
Apache Recompilaton Recopiles Apache with commonly used Apache and PHP modules and settings for maximum performance and compatability.
MyTOP MySQL TOP - tracks MySQL usage in an interface similiar to the Unix 'top' command.
IPTraf Detailed command-line bandwidth statistics tracking utility.
IfTOP Command-line utility to see track bandwidth usage based on connecting hosts.
Operating System update Check Ensures all Operating system components are functional and up-to-date.
WHM Configuration Check Ensures WHM has been installed and configured.
Kernel Update Check Ensures kernel is at the latest OS-release version.
Backup Configuration Ensures backups have been configured to the backup drive in your server or remote backup space (if applicable).

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