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The High Performance Cloud

Build a complete and scalable cloud environment for your website or application with our Storm® Servers.

Backed by Heroic Support®

Each Storm® Server is backed by our Heroic Support® staff and includes proactive monitoring and 24x7 support access.

Storm® SSD Servers

Maximize the High Performance Cloud with SSD.

Our engineers have done it again, besting our own I/O performance record with the inclusion of Solid State technology! Storm® SSD takes what was previously considered High Performance in Cloud Hosting and turns it on its head with the litany of advantages that come with solid state technology. Additionally, pricing includes 5 TB outgoing bandwidth as well as unlimited FREE incoming bandwidth, positioning Storm® SSD as a tremendous value.

1GB - SSD 1.0GB 15GB 1 $50/month
Only $1.64/day
3GB - SSD 2.7GB 35GB 1 $100/month
Only $3.29/day
6GB - SSD 5.4GB 70GB 2 $175/month
Only $5.76/day
12GB - SSD 10.9GB 140GB 4 $300/month
Only $9.87/day
32GB - SSD 31.1GB 175GB 6 $375/month
Only $12.34/day
64GB - SSD 62.2GB 350GB 12 $500/month
Only $16.45/day
128GB - SSD 121.6GB 565GB 16 $900/month
Only $29.61/day
256GB - SSD 244.1GB 750GB 64 $1500/month
Only $49.34/day

Solid State Drives with Unmatched I/O

Storm® SSD is designed to maximize performance by loading fast, performing rapid queries and creating a low server load. By doing this we have virtually eliminated the “bottleneck” effect of inbound and outbound data. In a recent benchmarking test, Storm® SSD 12GB performed 4K Sequential Write at 225,000 IOPS. By contrast, Storm’s non-SSD 8GB instance performed the test at 15,000 IOPS with Amazon EC2m1.large clocking in at 4,900 IOPS.

  • Increased Power, Speed and Performance
  • Speeds up to 100 Times Traditional SATA
  • Eliminates I/O Bottlenecks
  • Speeds Faster than Amazon EC2
EC2 m1.large
Storm® VPS 8 GB 12 GB Storm® SSD
4K Sequential Write 4,900 IOPS 15,000 IOPS 225,000 IOPS
4K Sequential Read 7,800 IOPS 28,000 IOPS 475,000 IOPS
4K Random Write 265 IOPS 204 IOPS 20,000 IOPS
4K Random Read 210 IOPS 700 IOPS 35,000 IOPS
Testing performed using iozone3_398 with the following command line options on each server instance: iozone -l 32 -O -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -e -+n -r 4K -s 4G
EC2 m1.large
Storm® VPS 8 GB 12 GB Storm® SSD
Sequential Write 36MB/s 110MB/s 900 MB/s
Sequential Read 33MB/s 150MB/s 1,900 MB/s
Random Write 1.5MB/s 1.6MB/s 77 MB/s
Random Read 1.1MB/s 2.4MB/s 142 MB/s
Testing performed using iozone3_398 with the following command line options on each server instance:iozone -l 32 -i 0 -i 1 -i 2 -e -+n -r 4K -s 2G

Unlock Your Server’s Potential with SSD

In conjunction with the enhanced I/O speeds, these performance features combine to afford our users a previously unavailable level of efficiency. The outcome of this marriage of High Performance hardware and Cloud Hosting technology is a new breed of hosting environments, custom designed for the highest level of performance when utilizing frequently accessed information, large read-intensive databases, and any other enterprise application in which the lightning fast read/write speeds of Storm® SSD could be unleashed.

Storm® SSD out performs all other cloud offerings in I/O Speed and performance. Storm® SSD Plans start at only $50/mo ($1.64/day)and include lightning fast drives and generous RAM allocations.

Create an Account and Launch a Server in Minutes

Getting started is easy. Once you create your Storm® account, you’ll be able to launch cloud products immediately. With powerful features and account tools, you’ll quickly see why Storm® is the superior cloud platform.

Only Pay for What You Use

Storm® Servers are billed based on per-day pricing. Create and destroy Storm® Servers as you need them.

Scale Up or Down As Needed

Scaling your server to add additional space or computing power is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

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