Cloud Load Balancing Made Easy

Intelligently distribute traffic across multiple Storm® servers.

With fully managed Storm® Load Balancers, your website will be capable of handling the most popular media events, viral campaigns, and social networking trends. Storm® Load Balancers provide increased performance for your website by distributing traffic efficiently to multiple servers, and are fundamental to a reliable and fault tolerant infrastructure.

Order a Storm® Load Balancer

How Load Balancers Improve Scalability

Storm® Load Balancers can greatly increase the speed & reliability of your web application; if one of your Storm® nodes fails or becomes overloaded the traffic is automatically shifted to another Storm® node without any interruption of service. Another advantage of load balancing is that nodes may be selectively added and removed from the load balancing pool allowing for easy server maintenance without disruption service. As traffic to your web application increases, new web servers can be quickly and easily added to the pool of load balanced servers.

Storm® Load Balancing Details

Storm® users can easily deploy one or many Virtual IP addresses to load balance traffic across an unlimited number of Storm® servers. Web Services (HTTP/HTTPS), DNS, FTP, or custom ports can be configured in the Storm® interface. The Storm® load balancer also includes the option to enable Session Persistence or SSL Termination.

Storm® Load Balancing Options

Round Robin - Assign requests in turn to each Storm® node

Least Connection - Assign each request to the Storm® node with the fewest connections

Historical Intelligence - Predict the appropriate Storm® node to assign requests to using historical data