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Time to expand your organization's IT presence? We offer the most dynamic and intuitive SMB solutions on the market for your networking needs, large or small. From email servers to e-commerce tools to storage area networks (SAN) to backup and security, our full-featured collaboration suites are fully scalable and come with a customizable management interface that is easy to use and can be built to your specific needs.

Our 24/7/365, highly skilled Heroic Support® team is available around the clock to work in tandem with your IT staff, in its place outside of traditional business hours, or in the stead of one entirely. We are equipped with the infrastructure to fully oversee your network with real-time updates, deliver comprehensive usage statistics, and provide the devoted attention of our renown Sonar Monitoring® team.

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Sample Hosting Configuration

When we ask Small and Medium Businesses about their website priorities, they often focus on uptime and performance. Our high availability solutions, as diagrammed below, include complete fault tolerance, and are designed for high performance with automatic failover. Included in a typical hosting infrastructure are:

  • Cisco Firewalls configured with redundancy, your first line of defense.
  • Redundant Load Balancers, for distributing traffic.
  • Web Servers backed by a highly available SAN, for serving web content.
  • Cisco Switches configured with redundancy, for the high performance private network.
  • Managed High Availability Database Back-end with automatic failover.
Small Business Hosting

High Availability Business Servers

Our customizable High Performance business servers intuitively address Failover via full redundancy throughout scalable server clustering to maximize your business's Up-time.

Full Array of eCommerce Solutions

An impressive array of robust feature sets -- including multiple payment gateways, coupon and gift certificate support, inventory stock control, full-customization, multi-currency/multilingual support (and many more) -- will be at your fingertips.

Access to Our Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Our CDN (Content Delivery Network) is uniquely positioned to deliver content to your business's users faster than the competition. The Liquid Web CDN has many strategically placed caching locations worldwide, including over 140,000 servers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Continuous Backup and Recovery

Ensure that you will never lose important data again by choosing from our airtight backup options. Select from fully managed Guardian Continuous Backup and Recovery solutions, iron-clad Bare Metal Backups and Solid State Storage technology. Considering these options in tandem with with our separate, wholly owned, Liquid Web Data Centers located in Disaster Neutral Areas (offering Geographic Redundancy), you will see how we have earned a reputation amongst our customers for offering unrivaled peace of mind.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

We connect a fully scalable and fault tolerant central network storage cluster to your servers via lightening speed Gigabit Ethernet connections for data transfer and storage that will improve the performance of the host server. Liquid Web has come up with one of the most technically advanced solutions publicly available to users today in order to maintain the reliability of your critical data.

Partner with a Leader

Since 1997, Liquid Web has been a leader in managed hosting. Our team of over 400 thrives on creating interesting solutions to help our clients reach their business goals.

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