Increase Your Server Capacity with Premium LiteSpeed Web Servers

Teaming up with LiteSpeed Technologies has given our customers a powerful new option to consider when choosing from Liquid Web’s expansive suite of hosting solutions. As a high-performance alternative to Apache, access to LiteSpeed offers Liquid Web customers a premium web hosting environment that is superior in both raw speed and scalability. With LiteSpeed Servers, existing web delivery platforms will see increases in performance, security, and decreased latency.

LiteSpeed’s incredible speed and scalability originates from its asynchronous event-drive (AE) architecture, a departure from Apache’s Multi Process Modules, or MPMs, such as Prefork and Worker. LiteSpeed’s single-threaded network application is able to perform faster than applications using Apache MPMs because of its sheer efficiency and the ability to minimize all possible operational overhead. LiteSpeed’s design removes the need for unnecessary context switches, memory allocation and lock contentions that are present in Apache’s MPM based architecture. These features all add up to faster computing times, increased the PHP performance and security, and doubled server capacity.

Control Panel Compatibility

In addition to their vast performance improvements, LiteSpeed Web Servers are the only Apache alternatives that are compatible with third-party web hosting control panels such as cPanel, Plesk and more. Armed with an easy-to-use web-based administration interface, excellent performance, and a wide feature-set, LiteSpeed can meet the most demanding needs from any heavily-trafficked website by utilizing server resources more efficiently. In short, LiteSpeed can improve the performance, security, scalability and reliability of your server!

Pricing Options

License Cost
1 CPU License $35/mo
2 CPU License $50/mo
4 CPU License $75/mo
8 CPU License $125/mo

The number of CPUs in the license name refers to the number of CPU cores that LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) will be able to make use of. Each CPU core does not have to be licensed, only the CPU cores you’d like LSWS to use. For example, if you had a four core CPU, and had the 2-CPU license, LSWS would use up to 2 of 4 cores.