Enhanced Control High Availability & Performance for MySQL Deployments

By applying ScaleArc iDB database infrastructure software to a traditional Liquid Web database hosting environment, a new and exciting high performance infrastructure will be created. As a layer seven SQL engine and MySQL load balancer, ScaleArc iDB removes many of the limitations associated with scaling databases by creating an abstraction layer between application servers and MySQL database servers, enabling instant horizontal scaling without the resource draining effort of re-coding the application(s), or commissioning a proxy. In addition, ScaleArc iDB provides real-time logging and analytics of every single query, to reduce troubleshooting times from hours to minutes. ScaleArc iDB also enables transparent SQL query caching, without requiring any modifications to the application(s). By simplifying the way database environments are deployed and managed, this tool allows for accelerated application development as well as quick and easy access to space for capacity growth or High Availability.

Load Balance and Optimize Your Database Seamlessly With Real-Time Visibility

Available in shared and dedicated configurations, ScaleArc iDB from Liquid Web can be customized to the needs of your project based on specifics such as the number of database connections utilized, the size of the database and the amount of cache memory available to it. First, ScaleArc iDB will provide complete visibility into all your queries in real-time, to help troubleshoot and optimize your MySQL environment. The analytics will also allow you to enable transparent query caching to increase performance. For those who have more than one MySQL database, ScaleArc from Liquid Web utilizes a "least response time" algorithm that balances and shapes your database load across two or more servers over pooled connections, to automatically ensure that the server that performs the fastest is utilized to a higher degree than locations responding slower. Additionally, a Query Queue can be employed to regulate database loads during peak usage. This creates one of the most intuitive and efficient load balancing and optimization options available for database-driven applications today.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Many customers have been using ScaleArc iDB to gain the notable advantage of eliminating the time and resources devoted to the tasks that it executes automatically and utilizing its superior real-time analytics. The ability to integrate this powerful tool with your Liquid Web database infrastructure is a clear game-changer for database administrators, IT engineers, database architects, application developers, and anyone else whose project can be buoyed by the litany of benefits outlined above.

Dedicated ScaleArc Licensing

License Max Cache Max # of Physical Cores Max # of IPs/VIPs (Clusters) Cost per Month
iDb 1000 20GB 6 6 $700/mo
iDb 2000 44GB 12 12 $1,400/mo
iDb 4000 100GB 24 24 $2,100/mo

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