Fault Tolerance with Availability Groups

Managed Microsoft SQL Availability Groups are an Active-Passive solution featuring highly available, fault-tolerant Microsoft SQL Server databases on enterprise class hardware. Utilizing two or more servers, and leveraging high speed redundant disk arrays, availability groups provide mission critical applications with reliable database connectivity.

Uptime Protection for Your Databases

In addition to the elite database protection provided by Microsoft SQL Availability Groups, you will also receive fully managed service from Liquid Web's Heroic Support® team. As a fully managed Liquid Web service, Managed Microsoft SQL Availability Groups are the reliable answer to the most important data safety questions your business may face. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your mission critical databases are protected by the top managed service provider in the industry.

How Do Microsoft SQL Availability Groups Work?

In the diagram you will note two dedicated database servers configured as a single database cluster, or availability group, for Microsoft SQL. An availability group, such as the one shown, can serve as the back-end database for many types of services including: mobile applications, financial applications, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and more. Each availability group contains an active node and at least one passive node. If the active node in the availability group fails, a passive node will automatically take over SQL services and continue responding to requests.

MSSQL Clustering Diagram

Liquid Web Managed Microsoft SQL Availability Groups are Ideal For:

  • Mission Critical Web Applications Utilizing a Database
  • Microsoft SharePoint Back-end
  • Document Management Systems
  • Infrastructure and Inventory Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Applications

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