Hosting your data with Liquid Web has many advantages, one of which is the ability to create supercomputers or server farms from our endless array of resources. Apache Hadoop is a software option utilized by many computing giants such as Facebook, EBay, IBM, Yahoo and Adobe that applies the above principle in order to perform big data tasks with razor-sharp efficiency. Hadoop does this by utilizing cloud computing principles to split a task apart, automatically, and reassigning it to the considerable group of resources we provide in order to execute your tasks.

Using Hadoop with Liquid Web servers modernizes your enterprise by providing a tool that can handle variable structure data from many sources. For instance, a number of our customers have already combined our extensive platform with Hadoop and experienced the ability to combine, compare, and find correlations amongst large datasets in a matter innately suited for the current era of rapidly expanding data. Experience what so many enterprises now find indispensable by launching Hadoop with Liquid Web.

Hadoop is the ideal solution for ...

  • Processing Dynamic Data
  • Collecting & Analyzing "Big Data"
  • Running Clusters As Large as 100 Petabytes
  • Consolidating Datasets of All Sizes

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