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What is Server Hosting?

In order to make the best decisions about an organization’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, it is helpful to have a clear understanding of the function of web servers and server hosting. Many terms related to computers and the Internet are used casually or incorrectly, which can make a technical topic challenging to understand. However, with […]

How to Do Product Development the RIGHT way in a Digital Agency

I’ve the opportunity to work as a developer, business owner, freelancer, business partner, and both a salaried and hourly employee across a handful of development companies. I’ve seen and been part of many situations where a service-based business takes a stab at developing products – sometimes with great success, while others died a long, slow, […]

Hardware Firewalls: An Overview of Benefits and How They Keep You Secure

Security is a subject that gets more and more attention every day, and rightly so! Between our ever-growing reliance on storing our data and the disclosing of major breaches by big names across the world, there are fewer terms that hold the same weight. At Liquid Web, we take this subject incredibly seriously, and offer […]

Using Social Media To Generate Leads

Leads are prospective customers who have shown interest in your products, services, courses, programs, or experiences, and have provided their contact information to receive more information. Lead generation is all about implementing strategic marketing tactics designed to find and create new leads and invite them into your sales funnel. While some old-school lead generation marketing […]

Managed WooCommerce Marketplace Plan

Creating an Etsy Competitor with Managed WooCommerce Hosting is Even Easier What if you could have your own marketplace up and running in less than 2 weeks? What is a Marketplace? A marketplace is not a single store; rather, it’s a collection of stores. Customers walk in and can browse goods from several different vendors. […]

Attracted to Liquid Web’s Passion to Help Entrepreneurs Grow

A 15 year Rackspace veteran, Kelly Goolsby, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to Liquid Web in his new role leading the Solutions Architect team.     While Kelly has experience at Rackspace architecting hosting solutions for fortune 1000 companies, his passion is helping entrepreneurs and SMBs find and create solutions that will […]

WooCommerce Security: How Secure Is Your Customer’s Data?

For online store owners, cybersecurity is mission critical. Today, you’re not just selling products and services, you’re selling a secure shopping experience. Customers who don’t trust you enough to enter their payment information will abandon their cart and navigate somewhere else. But cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and getting more sophisticated. Now, hackers use so-called […]