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Pet-Sitting SaaS Elevates the Bar with Reliable and Redundant Infrastructure

Time To Pet emerged from a need. In 2014, Mike Grenier and his wife owned a pet-sitting business and were searching for high-quality and reliable software to streamline their business. It needed to be easy to use with features that would simplify management. However, the software choices they found did not meet their needs.

Engineer Kyle Thielk reached out to the couple to test his software, and Thielk and Grenier soon partnered to co-found Time To Pet. Now, the Austin, Texas-based company is one of the top-rated pet-sitting and dog-walking SaaS offerings on the market.

Time To Pet is an all-in-one software offering for pet-sitting and dog-walking businesses for client scheduling, invoicing, applications, payments, and a pet parent tipping system to boot. Time To Pet’s software replaces setups using Google Calendar and QuickBooks, making customer care more straightforward for the 2,500 pet-sitting businesses that Time To Pet supports.

Expansion Required Better Support

As Time To Pet grew, it became clear that their expanding client base and scaling features for their SaaS would necessitate infrastructure changes.

Rackspace, Time To Pet’s cloud provider at that time, changed its business model to require larger prepayments and longer contracts. This simply didn’t work with Time To Pet’s self-funded model.

Eager for a provider that met their needs, Time To Pet tried using unmanaged hosts Linode and DigitalOcean along with third-party management services and quickly found this wasn’t a fit either. They needed a true managed hosting partner.

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