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Performance, Security & Support Not Found Anywhere Else

After coming across several pairs of sunglasses with scratched lenses, Craig Anderson was surprised to learn that it was nearly impossible to have them repaired. Anderson was determined to leverage technology to develop a solution for this problem, so he started Sunglass Fix.

Founded in 2006, Sunglass Fix is a sustainable business that manufactures its own line of premium replacement sunglass lenses. “We now have over 250,000 lenses we can dynamically manufacture on any given day,” says Anderson, “and we have serviced hundreds of thousands of customers in 170 countries.”

Growth Means New Hosting Needs

Anderson has learned that running a global eCommerce site comes with a unique and demanding set of hosting needs. “We generate sales around the clock,” he says. “As such, I’m always concerned about outages or the site becoming slow.”

For a while, Sunglass Fix had a dedicated server with GoDaddy. “We found that we spent a lot of time trying to debug things and ensure the system software was correctly configured,” says Anderson. It wasn’t a sustainable solution. “One major outage, and any cost savings gained by a cheaper hosting provider was lost in a matter of hours. We needed a hosting provider that could help us stay out of trouble.”

Download the Case Study to Learn How Sunglass Fix Uses Dedicated Hosting & Security Add-Ons for Robust & Reliable Hosting.