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“A benefit has been the lack of server downtime, but Liquid Web’s customer support is what separates Liquid Web from the competition.”

Spotlight on STOBER Drives

It is the ambition of STOBER Drives of Maysville, Kentucky to be the very best at what they do, delivering high-quality speed reducers and motors for the motion control and power transmission industries. The German-owned gearbox manufacturer develops a number of drive components, from gear units and motors, to drive controllers and user software. The company’s origins in a small shop in Germany in the 1930s and their dedication throughout their 85 years of business have led to their reputation as leading industry experts in gearing. Their position of industry leadership has been solidified by the excellence and precision with which they operate.

Industry Leaders Trust Liquid Web

Nearly a decade ago, STOBER faced a number of challenges. Their facility struggled with limited bandwidth and their WAN security was lacking. The hosting provider they were with wasn’t capable of meeting the company’s needs. More specifically, they didn’t offer a powerful bare metal server solution. So STOBER turned to Liquid Web.

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