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HIPAA Compliant Hosting & VMware Private Cloud Help This Specialist Pharmacy Shine

Ten years ago, several pharmacists recognized the urgent need for innovations in the specialty pharmacy arena. Their mission was simple: seamlessly and quickly deliver life-sustaining medicine and drugs to patients who need them.

With patients of rare illnesses depending upon them for medication, it was essential for this Specialist Pharmacy to move to secure and affordable HIPAA Compliant Hosting with exceptional support. Liquid Web offered exactly this—at a much better cost and with far greater support than any of its competitors.

“We Needed Something Better.”

Patients are the number one focus at this Specialist Pharmacy. “Many of the drugs we dispense can’t be found at local pharmacies,” says the company’s Director of IT Innovation.

Initially, the company operated from a website with no option for patient information to be submitted online. Instead, patients were sent forms by mail and needed to sign and return them, a process that could take weeks.

“We knew we wanted to expand, give patients the convenience of filling out forms online, and be able to request refills online,” they said. “To do this, we needed a HIPAA compliant solution. We needed something better.”

Download the Specialist Pharmacy Case Study to Learn How VMware Private Cloud and Liquid Web HIPAA Compliant Hosting Create Better Patient Outcomes.