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Modernizing Software & Moving to the Cloud Couldn't Be Easier

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded in 1985, Orion Law Management offers time billing and account software for high-end law firms.

The company started as one of the first of its kind to offer legal accounting software packages. Orion Law Management now serves 25,000 attorneys who trust the company with their accounting, advanced compensation agreements, productivity data, and advanced analytics to manage people and cases.

As the company grew, its Chief Technology Officer, Jon Yelton, was committed to ensuring that Orion Law Management got the most out of its technology.

Growth at Orion Law Management Means Shifting Needs

Over the past two years, nearly a third of Orion Law Management’s sales were choosing a new hosted cloud environment rather than an on-premises hosting solution. Because their existing cloud was all VMware-based, the company needed both dedicated VMware and multi-tenant options, so that they could offer different packages to different clients.

As their clients expanded, opening new offices and supporting remote workers, Orion offered its customers a financial analysis to show them how on-premises hosting compared to VMware in the cloud. The results were clear: Hosted VMware in the cloud would save their clients money.

Unfortunately, the high growth presented new challenges for the company. Yelton recognized that Orion needed scalable infrastructure that was backed by support agents who were knowledgeable and able to help quickly with urgent issues. Also, Yelton knew this new provider needed redundant data centers in order for the company to meet its goal—no downtime at all. And the provider needed to know the ins and outs of VMware with full VM management.

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