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After Oprah Calls, Dooce Calls On Liquid Web for Load Balancing Solution

After appearing on Oprah, Dooce.com's bandwidth overages reached $2K/mo. Liquid Web engineered a load-balancing solution for automatic, cost-effective scaling and helped Dooce become an online community.

Heather Armstrong, was a famous, humorous, and often poignant person. She had an interesting perspective on getting dooced (a colloquialism she made famous for getting fired for something you write on your website) on dooce.com, which captured the attention of the New York Times, HGTV, Forbes, USA Today, and even the consummate communicator herself: Oprah Winfrey.

All of these high-profile appearances and mentions eventually delivered dooce.com to an audience generally reserved for much larger websites — who also enjoyed far more extensive resources. Although the attention was great, generating enterprise-level traffic on a still humble blogging site was causing wildly fluctuating site visitor metrics and wickedly costly bandwidth overages up to $2,000 a month. Adding to Heather’s anxiety was the desire to transform her blog-specific site into a fully functioning community to add a level of cohesiveness to her brand. Heather needed the infrastructure to support more powerful connections and handle the resources needed for a rapidly growing membership, without adding significant costs to a company still experiencing growing pains.

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