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DataMaaS was launched as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-integration consulting firm focused on helping legacy ERP manufacturing systems become more efficient. Recognizing the need for improved data digestion and utilization in the manufacturing industry, Founder and CEO Bob Andreini and Solutions Architect James Johnson created a platform that consolidates data and makes it usable for client leadership to make well-informed decisions.

“We pull data, consolidate it, and clients consume it,” says Andreini.

This data consolidation makes it easy for businesses to gain insights into strategic business improvements through efficient reporting.

Azure Not Up to the Task

DataMaaS was using Microsoft Azure for US workloads, as well as a UK-based host for European customers. But the slow virtual machine at Azure was a problem for DataMaaS. The underlying hardware was simply not up to the task of keeping up their virtualized SQL Server. The VM struggled to pull data and return it to the client. This made Andreini and Johnson hesitant to move any client workloads to Azure at all.

Pleased with their managed hosting experience in the UK, DataMaaS wanted to replicate this for their US workloads. The team needed a true managed partner.

Download the Case Study to Find Out How DataMaaS Solved Infrastructure Performance Issues with VMware Private Cloud and Liquid Web.