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Liquid Web Helps ClearGIVE Handle 20,000 New Users and Future Growth

When ClearGIVE added 20K new users in one week, their old hosting provider couldn't keep up. Liquid Web delivered PCI-compliant, enterprise-grade dedicated hosting designed for reliability and growth.

Scott Leechin is Director of Technology at Clear Payment Solutions. Based in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, Clear Payment Solutions specializes in credit card, ACH, online payment, and electronic bill payment.

The Clear Payment team built the ClearGIVE PCI-Compliant processor as an online donation platform for churches and nonprofits. Scott enjoys the satisfaction of being part of a family that helps others in accepting donations.

“We help churches and nonprofits to process payments, to do a customer database, take donations, and even do event registration,” he explained. “We try to make everything powerful, affordable, and easy to use. The easier it is to use, the more people you reach.”

Like many companies in the online payments industry, it took some work to get to the smooth flowing platform of today. Scott credits his skill at learning new things as the top reason he has been able to run ClearGIVE smoothly.“

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