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Fast stores designed for conversions

Most hosts have built platforms that work great for cached WordPress sites. But we know that your online store can't be cached the same way. And that's why your store performs poorly. We've created a platform that will radically help your store's load time. And we all know that customers who wait too long will leave your store. That's why performance matters - because it affects your bottom line.

High performance under heavy load

One of the reasons people say that WooCommerce can't handle heavy loads is because of how it stores order data (in tables that weren't designed for eCommerce). 

We've built a different set of tables to store order data that reduce query loads by 95% and increase your capacity (without upgrading plans) by more than 75%.

Never Ignore Abandoned Carts Again

We know that shoppers get distracted and leave your store before they've completed a transaction. You know it too. And you already know it's a great source of additional revenue.

Our partnership with Jilt, the leader in abandoned cart technology for WooCommerce, means you can take immediate action to capture this lost revenue.

Far more than Google Analytics

Everyone tells you that you need Google Analytics for your store but no one tells you how to use that data to drive more revenue out of your store.

Our partnership with Glew means we can help you turn your store's order information into actionable data that transforms how you do business.

Dynamic Resizing Without Downtime

Just about every host starts you on a really inexpensive shared hosting plan. Every time your store performs poorly, they upsell you, and move your store, which can cause downtime. Or they just put limits so that your store doesn't use too many resources. Either way, it's slow.

Our elastic and scalable platform gives your store all the resources it needs and helps it stay fast, without requiring architecture or server changes.

Performance Tests Whenever You Need Them

Other hosts won't let you run performance tests because it will harm the rest of the sites on their shared platform. Our container-based architecture ensures we can duplicate your site and run performance tests on it whenever you like.

We've created more than 20 performance tests to help you know, in advance, that your store will be ready for whatever traffic you'll get.

Choose Managed WooCommerce Hosting from Liquid Web, and have all of these features included.

Instead of spending money here and there on all of the different components you need to optimize your store, why not get everything in one place? We include the best for WooCommerce like Astra, the fastest eCommerce theme for your store, a page builder, Beaver Builder, and Jilt, the leader abandoned cart technology.

"I have been using WooCommerce for myself and clients since it was released. Since then, the growth of this plugin has been phenomenal. And from my experience, I know that you need hosting that will grow with your WooCommerce online store. With a hosting plan fine-tuned to give your customers shopping experience, speed and security is essential. And to have the tools in hand that will help you make your online store successful is critical. Liquid Web has you covered and I highly recommend it for your WooCommerce online store.." - BobWP

Every Store We Host Comes With All These Features

Store Design

Thousands of themes

500 free and more than 1000 eCommerce themes available.

Customized look & feel

You can create landing and product pages to your exact specification.

Drag & Drop design

We bundle a premium page builder with every store.

Mobile optimized

Every store supports quick checkout designed for phones.

Responsive design

Our included themes look great on mobile devices.

Product Catalog

Unlimited products

You won't pay more for large product catalogs.

Unlimited custom fields

No limits on what you can do with custom fields.

Unlimited product pages

Create as many product pages as you like.

Custom category pages

Design landing pages for your product categories.

Custom product tabs

Want to showcase additional product information? Do it with custom tabs.

Virtual products

Sell online courses and membership sites – on the same platform.

Digital downloads

Protect files and limit how many times they can be downloaded.

Physical products

Integrate with tons of shipping solutions to sell physical products.

Variable products

Sell t-shirts and more variable products with ease.

External products

Want to sell products from other marketplaces? No problem.

Store Management

Unlimited staff accounts

No limits on how many people administrate your store.

Manual orders

Allow your staff to manually enter orders on their own.

Inventory management

Manage inventory and whether you support backorders.

Order management

Manage orders thru custom order statuses and workflows.

Coupons / discount codes

Create as many coupons as you like - per product, per cart, etc.

Upsells / Cross sells

Sell more products with automated related product offerings.

Product reviews

Every store supports reviews - from anyone or only customers.

Run promotions

Schedule dates for special sales pricing.

Image Support

Thumbnail management

Automated creation of product thumbnails.

Image compression

Every image is automatically compressed for high performance.

Unlimited galleries

Create unlimited numbers of product photo galleries.

Variable product images

Help customers by showing photos that match their selected variations.

Image zoom

Let customers zoom in on your product photos.

Image lightboxes

Help your product photos "pop" with integrated lightboxes.

Mobile optimized images

Every store is optimized for customers visiting on their phones.

Optimized SEO

Keyword Indexing

On-page SEO starts with keyword indexing.

Control Metadata

You can control your own metadata.

Clean URLs

Clean and readable URLs are easy and predictable .

Custom URL redirects

Want to create custom redirects? No problem.

Google sitemaps

Every store benefits from sitemaps.

Product schema

Stores and Google both appreciate our product schema support.

Our Platform

Auto-Resizing Disk

Stores are monitored for space and can add more storage dynamically.

Auto-Resizing RAM

Stores are monitored and can add more RAM dynamically.

Auto-Resizing CPU

Stores can add more CPUs dynamically when things slow down.

Run Performance tests

Stores can test their performance before big campaigns.

Highly redundant

Multiple nodes in our environment support redundant stores.

Monitored 24/7/365

Between staff and tools, we monitor stores 24 hours a day.

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Get Managed WooCommerce Hosting Today

Don't know which plan is right for you? We've tailored each based on some assumptions around your yearly revenue. It's not a hard and fast rule, but the more transactions you have, the more resources we want to make available to you.


$249 / month
  • Great for stores with under $100,000/year
  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Free SSL Cert Included
  • Jilt Included
  • Included
  • Staging site Included
  • Performance Testing Included


$749 / month
  • Great for stores with $100k-$500,000/year
  • Unlimited Admin Seats
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Free SSL Cert Included
  • Jilt Included
  • Included
  • Staging site Included
  • Performance Testing Included

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