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Cloud Studio API

A full-featured, project-ready API from day one
Getting started with the Cloud Studio API is simple. We provide all the resources, tools, documentation, and tutorials developers need to take full advantage of our powerful platform.

Knowledge Base resources

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Cloud Studio API: basic setup

Discover how Terraform can benefit you—follow along as we walk through the process of using IaC to automate deployment of a Cloud Studio server with a popular application.

Liquid Web on GitHub

Get tools for working with our API, like a command-line interface utility and Golang API client, a Terraform provider, and more in our GitHub repositories.

How to set up and use the Liquid Web CLI interface

Learn about the convenience and advantages of the command-line interface for our API.

Our robust API will help you meet your specific infrastructure needs

Dedicated server
Cloud Metal

Cloud Metal

Cloud flexibility meets bare metal power, starting at $115 a month
Flexible environment
Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS

The perfect blend of scalability and affordability, starting at $5 a month