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Get Managed Cloud Servers With 100% Scalability and 0% Sharing

Our Cloud Dedicated Servers combine the resource isolation of a traditional Dedicated Server with the processing power, elasticity, and instant provisioning that cloud platforms are known for.

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On-Demand Cloud Dedicated Servers at Liquid Web

Welcome to the best of all worlds: Cloud Dedicated Servers combine the processing power and resources of a traditional Dedicated Server with the instant provisioning and flexibility of a cloud platform. Always secure and reliable, cloud servers deliver complete hardware transparency.

Available with Linux or Windows, you can optimize and scale at any time for peak performance despite ever-increasing traffic.

Standard Cloud Dedicated Options

Great for hosting small apps, websites, resellers, plus much more!

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  • Windows
Intel Xeon E-2356G
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6 cores (12 threads)
3.2 GHz base (5.0 GHz turbo)
10 TB Bandwidth
Intel Xeon E-2356G
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6 cores (12 threads)
3.2 GHz base (5.0 GHz turbo)
10 TB Bandwidth
Intel Xeon E-2356G
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6 cores (12 threads)
2.9 GHz base (4.8 GHz turbo)
1.92 TB SSD RAID-1
10 TB Bandwidth
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Intel Xeon Processors
Up to 16 Cores
Up to 128 GB RAM
NVMe or SSD Storage

Available For All Plans

  • Plesk Web Pro
  • Acronis Cyber Backups

Need to add redundancy to your cloud workloads?

Our fully managed Private Cloud is built on enterprise hardware and features a highly available infrastructure, built-in failover, and private networking.

Why Businesses Switch to Cloud Server Hosting with Liquid Web

You have a vision. To achieve it, you need a partner with a powerful cloud platform, and a get-it-done attitude. Planning for growth or already experiencing it? Our Hosting Advisors and next-gen Cloud Dedicated Servers are ready to help you scale your digital capabilities when you are. Have a particular issue to solve? Let’s talk through it. We love finding solutions to complex problems—and our high NPS score proves it.

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Traditional Dedicated Hosting is great — but for the ultimate in on-demand flexibility and scalability, Cloud Hosted Dedicated Servers are the way to go. Check around, and you won’t find a more powerful, feature-rich cloud environment than here at Liquid Web.

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DDos Attack Protection

Get real-time monitoring to mitigate traffic and shield your website and server from sudden attacks.

CloudFlare CDN

Offset performance load to worldwide servers to speed up your site and enhance security protection.

ServerSecure Advanced Security

Optimize security settings with exclusive ServerSecure protection available for fully managed Windows and Linux servers.

Gigabit Uplink

Get free data transfers for all inbound GB bandwidth and 5TB bandwidth on a fast GB network on dedicated Gigabit uplinks.

Get centralized hosting management and complete server control for all of your websites and servers.

Easily manage your servers with system-level control that includes automated updates, application deployment, and maintenance.

Root Access

Take full control of your server with root-level access for complete management control of your server environment.

Dedicated IP Address

Enhance performance, speed, and protection for your websites from a secure dedicated IP address.

100% Network and Power Uptime SLAs

Get both 100% guaranteed power and network uptime assurance for all major routing devices within the network.

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You are always responsive and helpful, even when the problem is ill-defined and we don't know the correct engineering-talk to describe it. Always respectful, knowledgeable, and fast with a solution.


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