Protection and Remediation Services

Prevention. Detection. Remediation. Safeguard your data.

Website, Web Application and Server Protection

Automatic detection and blockage of threats, mitigating traffic in real-time from malicious attacks. Real-time monitoring of your fully managed server for threats and routine scans for susceptible points of entry.

What are the Benefits of a Proactive Security Approach?

Hacked webpages can lead to business impacts such as decreased SEO results, blacklisted sites, revenue loss due to downtime and lack of customer confidence. Malware can steal valuable resources from your environment, oftentimes completely halting website responsiveness or blocking critical backend server processes, such as database functions and network requests. Liquid Web customers that subscribe to security solutions create over 200% fewer support tickets than those customers who have no security solutions in place.

Remediation Services

Customers subscribing to any of our protection packages receive unlimited remediation and malware cleanup for their covered environment. For those who don't take advantage of our proactive security offers, paid remediation and malware cleanup are available on a per-incident basis.


Protection for Websites and Web Applications

Web-focused protection and performance

Protection for Windows Servers

Suite of security tools designed for Windows

Protection for Linux Servers

Fine-tuned applications and monitoring for Linux environments

Malware Remediation Services Engagement

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