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Managed Shared Load Balancers

High Availability at an Affordable Price
Our easy-to-deploy Managed Shared Load Balancers are a cost-effective solution for creating high performance and easily scalable websites. For sites that grow beyond a single web server, a fully managed shared load balancer is the perfect addition. Shared Load Balancers are highly reliable, customizable, and you’ll receive full redundancy with automatic failover for your web application.

Managed Dedicated Load Balancers

Fully Committed Resources For Your Enterprise Solutions
Mission critical enterprise solutions can greatly benefit from the deployment of our powerful Managed Dedicated Load Balancers. A dedicated load balancing option offers all of the benefits of shared load balancing, but also features advanced traffic scripting options, a complete API, high performance SSL, and ensures that a full set of resources are committed to your infrastructure at all times. Grow and scale at your own pace with ensured high performance and no fear of latency or bottlenecks with dedicated hardware.

Managed Shared Load BalancerManaged Dedicated Load Balancer
SSL TerminationYesYes
HTTP CompressionAvailableAvailable
Throughput1 GbpsUp to 10 Gbps (aggregate)
Concurrent Sessions100,000Starting at 100,000*
Servers2 - 10Unlimited
Virtual IPs1 - 10Unlimited

*Concurrent connections may vary depending on server configurations.