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Moving your web applications and back-office operations to the cloud empowers you to scale your business more efficiently. But moving to the cloud can come with challenges ranging from unpredictable IT costs and code rewrites to restructuring entire sections of your business.

With Liquid Web’s private cloud hosting plans, you don’t have to choose between your current business model and cloud operations. 

Our hosted private cloud enables you to keep up with the pace of digital transformation and provides you with the infrastructure support to take your business to the next level. Businesses that move to private cloud experience increased virtual machine (VM) performance and the ability to handle downtime and upgrade events without causing interruptions. 

Private cloud hosting offers rapid and repeatable deployment to help you meet customer needs and go to market faster with new product features. Best of all, Liquid Web lets you rehost to the cloud without rewriting your software and without sacrificing security and compliance.

What is Managed Private Cloud Hosting?

Unlike an on-premises private cloud solution, managed private cloud outsources hardware management tasks to your infrastructure provider, so your IT team can stay focused on revenue-generating activities. 

With Liquid Web managed private cloud, you don’t have to worry about the challenges that come with hosting your private cloud on-premises, such as purchasing servers and spinning up virtual machines. Instead, our team manages your physical and virtual environments, and you get access to exceptional performance, security, and industry-leading support.

What is Managed Private Cloud Hosting?

Benefits of Managed Private Cloud

Improved Resource Utilization

Allocate computing resources more efficiently with virtualization. Managed private cloud hosting lets you adjust servers based on workloads, so you don’t have to worry about underused on-premises servers.

Cost Savings and Simple Pricing

Reduce CapEx and avoid supply chain issues by eliminating the need to purchase hardware upfront. Outsource server management to Liquid Web and benefit from simple resource-based pricing models that enable more accurate IT spend forecasting. No contracts required.

Increased Security

Managed private cloud solutions let you benefit from third-party deployment and maintenance without the risk of storing your sensitive data on shared servers. At Liquid Web, our team of experts manage your private cloud security 24/7/365.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether you handle health data or payment information, Liquid Web managed cloud hosting helps you stay HIPAA and PCI compliant and ensures sensitive data protection to build trust with your customer base.

Scalability and Flexibility

Benefit from flexible scaling options with private cloud services that give you resources when you need them and let you scale down to reduce costs during inactive periods. Liquid Web also monitors your clustered resources to help you plan for future growth.

High Availability

Give your business peace of mind with high availability infrastructure and multiple layers of hardware and software redundancy that minimize downtime. Liquid Web’s SLA guarantees 100% uptime and quick support responses — within 59 seconds via phone and live chat.

Better Performance

Run your business on a hosted private cloud infrastructure built to handle sudden spikes in traffic and heavy workloads on the fly. Bring your product to market and test new features on the cloud provider with “double the performance of Microsoft Azure.”

Hybrid-Friendly Private Network

Our fully managed multi-tenant private cloud networks are accessible from anywhere via VPN, making it easier to increase productivity for remote teams. Hosted private cloud is also suitable for a phased migration or hybrid cloud models.

Easy Rehosting

We help you lift and shift your web applications and operations to the cloud seamlessly without rewriting code. See how Liquid Web helped Orion Law Management effortlessly move their software to private cloud hosting so their team can focus on caring for their clients instead of managing hosting.

Private Cloud Powered by VMware

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Use Cases

High-End Software Vendor

Healthcare Business and HIPAA Compliance

B2B eCommerce and PCI Compliance

Site and Application Development Infrastructure

Hosting Consolidation

Case Studies

With Liquid Web, DataMaas doubled its VM performance and improved support after moving from Azure while achieving zero downtime without having to worry about hidden fees.

Orion Law Management was able to migrate its Windows-based solution to the cloud and take advantage of Liquid Web’s high availability private cloud environment that can adjust based on the resource needs.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Model

As you choose our private cloud IaaS hosting plan, we manage your physical servers and your virtual environment so your team can stay focused on app development for your platform and other revenue-generating activities.

At Liquid Web, you also have access to 24/7 white-glove support. Our team has 25 years of service experience and has earned the title of The Most Helpful Humans in HostingⓇ. Support certifications include Red Hat, Linux, Windows, Cisco, and CompTIA (A+, N+, S+, and Linux+).


Dedicated cloud environment used to create, move, resize or destroy virtual instances.

High-availability virtual data center with powerful performance and scalable resources.


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Private Cloud Powered by VMware

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