Grow Your Business: Link Building

Gain authority and trust with search engines by making your blog posts more authentic and useful to your readers. Search engines use the links in your content to understand the real world relationships between businesses. Links act as a vote of endorsement for other content and provide contextual value.

The links on your website can point to other pages on your website (internal links) or to other websites (external links). Internal links are more isolationist and external links are more sociable. A balance is needed between the two to strike the right chord with the search engines and more importantly, your readers.

Your website benefits when you link to external resources, for example, like Liquid Web’s Blog. Let us help you build your website authenticity on a topic that could tie to your website. Liquid Web hosts a variety of content pieces from freelancer topics, business topics, tricks, and tips and thought leadership pieces plus tons more.

Our Partner Lindsey Halsey breaks down the process and importance of link building.

In Lindsey's example, after she writes her content she rereads it from a user's perspective and thinks about where she could provide more information on that topic.

In her example, she came up with a couple of sentences where she thought a user would probably feel a little underwhelmed or overwhelmed in by not having enough information. So she referenced the phrase "try to stay current with web design best practices and use a good content management system to build your website".

There's quite a lot there in that sentence. And she felt like she needed to provide her readers with more information so she took the phrase "web design best practices" and jumped over to Google and typed in "web design best practices Liquid Web”.

The question she had is, does Liquid Web or one of her other partners have some really great content on a topic that could provide more value to her readers?

So she found a blog and embedded that link into her blog post that serves as added information for readers that want to read more about “web design best practices”.  And then she went through and did the same thing with other partners and what that did was actually mutually beneficial for both. For Pathfinder SEO, it builds some trust and that they are linking out to trusted resources.

If all Pathfinder SEO did was link to their own internal content on their website it just says to Google “me me me” all over again and the search engines don't like that isolationist policy, so it's really important to link to your own content links to other partners and other businesses to build that trust with Google.

Share what you have done!

Once you link to Liquid Web’s Blog (or another partner), it is always a great idea to let them know as well.

If you do link Liquid Web content into your own blog posts, send an email to, and share a link to your post with our mention, and we will share your blog post on our social media accounts so that you can get more awareness to your site.


As mentioned previously, backlinks can help build a higher authority to your website. Search engines don’t like it when you only link to your own content on your website, so it is a great benefit to use external resources like Liquid Web. This makes things more authentic, useful and gains trust from the association with trusted websites. So link our content into your existing content, and let us know once you have, so we can share this with our followers.