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Exclusive Hosting Coupons and Offers for New Customers

Current Web Hosting Offers and Savings

Liquid Web frequently publishes web hosting coupons and other special promotions exclusively for new hosting customers — up to 75% off on VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting. All Liquid Web coupons are limited in duration and subject to the following terms and restrictions:

  • Coupons and promotions are available exclusively for new Liquid Web hosting customers. Existing customers must contact their account representative to learn more about any coupons or promotions that may be available for renewals or additional purchases.
  • All Liquid Web coupons are valid only until the expiration dates published on this page, which is regularly updated. Coupon codes and discounts listed on third-party websites or services may be out of date, and will not be honored after expiration.
  • Hosting coupons and promotions are valid only for the specified duration, and coupons can not be stacked or applied to subsequent purchases or renewals.

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