What is WHMCS and installing the Liquid Web plugin

Working with WHMCS & the Liquid Web Reseller Plugin

What is WHMCS?

The WHMCS software suite provides the necessary tools to automate billing and provisioning of web hosting services on WHM based servers. It provides an easy-to-access management interface allowing resellers full control over the products and services you choose to offer. WHMCS is perfect for the reseller looking to streamline or expand their cPanel-based business.

WHMCS provides automated systems for managing invoices, billing, customer management, and service provisioning – all allowing you to focus more on your clients. Enhanced by the addition of our rebuilt plugin for WHMCS, the process truly is fully automated.

New products can now be created in a few clicks with the new ‘Product Setup Wizard’; once an order has been placed and paid for, the plugin will access the LiquidWeb Manage APIs to spin up and provision the necessary services for you.

Step #1: Installing the LiquidWeb WHMCS plugin

Installation of our WHMCS plugin is a rather simple process and can be done by a few methods: using graphical-based tools and programs, or the command line interface. This section will detail the steps required to install and setup the plugin.

Our WHMCS plugin can now be found on a publicly available GitHub-based repository. Or a direct download link to the installation Zip: Liquid Web for WHMCS.

Download the plugin zip file in your root WHMCS directory. The directory might not be the same for everyone, but an example of how to do this would be:

Via SSH (command line) on the server…
cd /home/$WHMCSUSER/public_html/WHMCS/
wget https://github.com/liquidweb/LiquidWeb-WHMCS-Plugin/archive/master.zip
unzip master.zip
cd LiquidWeb-WHMCS-Plugin-master/
rsync -avH includes/ ../includes/
rsync -avH modules/ ../modules/

You can also use FTP to upload the file, or use the cPanel File Manager if you wish. Regardless of the upload method you will need to unzip the files and put them in place using the commands from above.

Step #2: Activate the LiquidWeb WHMCS plugin

  1. Click on the “Setup” tab near the top of the page
  2. Select the “Addon Modules” option
  3. Open the Addon Page

  4. Once loaded, find ‘Liquid Web Storm Servers Billing’ and click “Activate”
  5. To give this module the correct permissions, click on the “Configure” (i) button and then select “Full Administrator” (ii) in the “Access Control” section and then click ”Save Changes” (iii)
  6. Enable Main Addon

  7. While here you may want to activate the Widget plugin
    1. Find ‘Storm On Demand Widget For WHMCS’ and click “Activate”
    2. To configure this module’s settings, click on the “Configure” button (a), adjust the ‘Low Inventory Threshold’ and ‘Cron Mail’ settings to your liking (b) and then click “Save Changes” (c).
    3. Enable Widget Addon

    4. To give the Widget proper permissions, click “Setup > Staff Management > Administrator Roles”. On the Administrator Roles page you will edit the Role which you’d authorize for the widget.
    5. Open User Role permissions

    6. On the Role editing page find the “Widgets” section, and within that find and enable “Liquid Web Storm Servers”, click “Save Changes”

At this point the Liquid Web WHMCS plugin should now be active and you should be able to start setting up packages and products within WHMCS.

If you’d like to report issues, or provide feedback of any kind, regarding this plugin you can feel free to do so by utilizing the project’s GitHub Issues page.

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About the Author: Dan Pock

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His favorite things include: his cats, Oscar Boots and Dash Nouget; experimenting with PHP; and making up recipes (or at least attempting to). You can find his coding hijinks on GitHub, where he shares most of his projects and open source work.

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