What Does Varnish Do? [Infograph]

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What Does Varnish Do?

Varishis a website acccelerator. It’s designed to decrease the time it takes for your website to load and an ideal tool for impoving performance on busy, mission-critical sites.


How Does it Work?

Once installed on your web server, Varnish will determine the most efficient way to server out your website. For duplicate requests, instead of executing new code it will have a copy sent out.


What are the Benefits?

  • Increase page speeds 300-1000x
  • More requests per minute means high traffic capabilities
  • Using fewer recoursces is better for the environment
  • Outrun slower competitors


Which Web Server Can You Use?

Varnish is versatiles and can be used with NGINX, Apache and IIS.

Find articles on How to Install Varnish and many more tutorials in our Knowledge Base.

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