Using Pretty Links with Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Long, wordy links can make it difficult for you to share products in a way that is easy to remember and looks good in promotional material. To help, we’ve provided the Pretty Links plugin with your Managed WooCommerce Hosting so you can easily create short links for all your products. These short and pretty links make it easier for people to remember and your link more inviting to click.


Create and use Pretty Links for your WooCommerce store with these steps.


  1. Click on Pretty Links in your wp-admin sidebar.

2a. Click the Add Pretty Link button from the settings page or the admin menu for Pretty Links. Set the target URL (the long link you want to shorten), the Pretty Link, and the title.

2b.  Additional advanced options are available. Select the Tracking box to make sure you can see how many clicks your Pretty Link gets:

3. View the links you have created and how many clicks each link gets on the main Pretty Links page:

Read more about expiring your Pretty Links here.



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