Updates to the Support Interface

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Please note that this article is considered legacy documentation.

The Liquid Web Manage support interface is undergoing a few minor updates to streamline the customer experience. We’ll be posting details as each update is rolled out!

[Last Update: Tuesday, February 21, 2014]

Updates to the Ticket List View:
  • The ticket interface will now load much faster!
  • The “Type” column has been renamed “Category”.
  • The “Last Response” column has been renamed “Last Update”. Whenever a ticket is replied to, edited, or updated, the time in this field will also be updated.
  • Tickets are sorted by the “Last Update” column.
  • Open, Pending, On-Hold, and Solved tickets will be shown in the Support interface by default. Closed tickets will be viewable by clicking “Show closed tickets“.
Note: Ticket ID Numbers in the “#” column may have quite drastically different values.
Updates to the Ticket View:
  • Solved or Closed tickets will no longer include a re-open button.
  • Solved tickets will include a reply form; submitting a reply via this form will re-open the ticket.
  • Closed tickets cannot be re-opened or replied to.
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