What are the Liquid Web Name Servers?

Reading Time: < 1 minute

When you host at Liquid Web you can use our DNS servers to manage all of your domains. Even the ones you bought through other registrars.

The Liquid Web Name Servers (NS) are:


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Where Is My DNS Hosted?

Reading Time: 2 minutesFrom time to time, you’ll have to make changes to your DNS records. For example, if you change IP addresses, your DNS A records will change. You’ll also change DNS if you want to add SPF records to help email authentication. For these changes to work properly, it’s vital to know where DNS is hosted. Continue reading “Where Is My DNS Hosted?”

How To Edit and Configure a DNS Zone File

Reading Time: 4 minutesOne of the first problems people encounter when they are new to DNS is where to start looking when they need to make a DNS change. Say you want to add a new subdomain for a piece of server software you are trying out, but where exactly do you add that new A record the instructions keep talking about? Continue reading “How To Edit and Configure a DNS Zone File”

New User Tutorial: Whois

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Whois command is used to collect information about a domain including who owns the domain, basic contact information for the domain owner, and the nameservers that the domain is using. Continue reading “New User Tutorial: Whois”

Diagnosing Common DNS Errors

Reading Time: 2 minutesMany times when a website is “down,” it is unable to be found by DNS. If you are trying to troubleshoot DNS errors, or trying to understand a DNS error you have encountered, this is right where you should be. Continue reading “Diagnosing Common DNS Errors”