How to Set Up and Use Cloud Block Storage

Reading Time: 4 minutes

What is Cloud Block Storage?

Cloud Block Storage provides additional hard drive space for your Cloud Server with just a few clicks. The space is not pre-formatted but rather, it is a raw block device. The simplicity of providing a raw block device on the cloud means that you can mount and format the space on your server however you would like, with whatever filesystem is appropriate for your needs. This does entail a small amount of work getting the space into a usable state which we will address in this article.

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Disk Partitioning With fdisk

Reading Time: 5 minutesSo, you added a new disk to your dedicated server. That’s great! Before you can really utilize it you’ll want to partition it out so that you can create file systems on it. There are several utilities available to help you with disk partitioning, but the single utility that you can be sure to find on almost any Linux server is fdisk. Read on to find out how to use fdisk to partition your new drive. Continue reading “Disk Partitioning With fdisk”