Who’s SSHed Into My Server?

So you know how to ssh into your server. We at Liquid Web do too. Sometimes, in the course of supporting you, we need to ssh into the server to figure out what the problem is.

But how do you know if we have shelled into your server? If more than one person is shelled into a server, and all are trying to fix a problem, it is possible that they could step on each others’ toes. It would be grand if the shell provided a simple yet mighty command that displayed all of the users who are shelled in.

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CSF: Config Server Firewall Installation

An alternative firewall to APF is the Config Server Firewall, or CSF.

CSF is generally considered a more advanced firewall as there are more configuration options compared to other firewalls, while still being simple enough to install and configure that even novice administrators can use it. This article will give you a simple overview about how to install and configure CSF and its security plugin LFD (Login Failure Daemon).

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