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What is Vault?

Vault protects and secures access to multiple types of confidential data. It stores and manages sensitive password information, API keys, and access tokens that exist in a low trust environment and generates dynamic access to authenticate users to ensure they have authorized ingress and availability to a file, location, service, or application.

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This article will review some of the more technical aspects of F5 Distributed Cloud AIP. F5 Distributed Cloud AIP is a platform-independent intrusion detection system (IDS) designed to provide users with a unique view into various integrated server security functions. It monitors both Linux and Windows servers as well as Kubernetes or other container-based server infrastructures to observe behaviors and detect malicious, uncommon, and risky activity.

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Security Information and Event Management (or SIEM) is a subset of the computer security field, where applications and services join forces with security event management and security information management. When united, these disciplines provide significantly improved real-time statistical data and threat analysis of alerts generated by the related applications. The 2021 Internet Security Threat Report from Sophos denotes that are not only the number of attacks on the rise but also the diverse nature of methodologies and vectors of incursions used. This necessitates the fact that adding a SIEM is especially warranted at this time.

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In this tutorial, we will look at several methods that are used to compromise a website. In today's world, websites use multiple procedures that represent the core functions of a modern business. Whether you have an eCommerce site or a business card site, a website is essential for driving business growth. We can safely state that a website is a unique image of your respective business. 

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What is Remote Code Execution?

Remote code execution, also known as code injection, is one of the most common ways hackers compromise a website. This term encompasses multiple techniques which have one aspect in common. The attacker passes off their code as legitimate in the server's eyes, using a data submission method typically reserved for regular users.

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