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How to Mass Create cPanel Accounts

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cPanel is one of the top contenders when it comes to control panels for production servers. This software is not mandatory, but it makes a huge difference when interacting with a server, providing a graphical interface, simplifying complex tasks, and automating processes. One of its core functions is creating a hosting account to which the user will be confined, giving the master user the option of limiting its resource consumption and system permissions, among other functions.

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What happens when a site is compromised? How quickly can you respond when you recognize the signs that something is amiss? In today’s article, we will explore some of the more common indicators of a compromised website, how you can spot it, and how to act on it in a timely manner. 

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If you are a Windows administrator who has recently been tasked with administering a Linux-based Ubuntu server, you may find that utilizing Microsoft Powershell may help ease the transition into Linux, and allow you to be more productive. If you are a Linux administrator who is interested in exploring the options that Powershell provides, then this tutorial is for you as well.

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