Liquid Web Global DNS

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What is DNS and Why is it Important?  

31920.dns.iconSimply put, DNS (the Domain Name System) converts text-based, human-readable domain names like into an IP (Internet Protocol) address like This system also works in an inverse manner and converts IP addresses into domain names. When internet-connected devices communicate, IPs are utilized to find and connect to a specified destination. This simply means that the DNS protocol acts as an “internet phone book” of sorts that translates the text-based domain name you enter in your favorite browser into that device ready IP. Because of the limited availability of IPv4 IP addresses, keeping all the internet-ready devices connected becomes even more challenging. This has caused the rise and proliferation of IPv6 addresses. These IP addresses, which look like “2a03:2880:f127:283:face:b00c:0:25de” are continuing to be more widely used.

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DNS: An Overview

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What is DNS?

The Domain Name Service (or DNS) is the key to the presence of your server on the internet. You are probably aware your domain has an “IP” address, which stands for Internet Protocol; that number is your domain’s literal web address on the internet. A typical IP address is a series of four numbers called octets that are identified like so:  You can think of your IP address as being similar to a postal address. The IP address is the exact location where your domain lives. I usually explain it like this;

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