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The KernelCare Linux kernel patching service is a system offered by CloudLinux. This product provides ongoing security patches for many Linux kernel versions. Updates are installed live without requiring a system reboot, which is a tremendous incentive when running an active server. Because CloudLinux offers a free symlink (symbolic link) protection patch for servers running CentOS 6 and 7, Liquid Web is replacing existing versions of KernelCare with this free version. 

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Zabbix is an open-sourced tool used to monitor various IT components such as servers and hardware that they are running, cloud services, whole networks, etc. Zabbix can monitor the network health and integrity of your servers. All monitoring can be done through Zabbix’s web-based frontend. This means that you can quickly check the status of your servers from anywhere! This article describes how to install the Zabbix monitoring tool, create a database, and configure the frontend on Ubuntu 20.04.

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Now that your Private VPS Parent is set up and ready to go, you’ll want to kick-off a few Child Instances. We’ll start from the Dashboard for the Private VPS Parent, which is where we left off in the previous article: Available Resources On a Private VPS Parent.

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