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Useful Features in cPanel for Your Sites

Posted on by Luke Cavanagh | Updated:
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Having access to an easy-to-use control panel is important to troubleshoot or repair your site easily. Without a control panel or user interface (UI), it can be more complex to run the day-to-day tasks. With loads of useful features in cPanel, users run everyday necessary functions from the menu in the control panel.

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Windows roles provide a method to define the utilization types a server has available. These roles are necessary to properly utilize a server for the desired use cases, whether it is to be simply a file server, a print server, or a web server. Typically to act in a specific type of role, a server may require additional features that need to be installed in order to best perform that role. The number of roles available on a Windows Server has grown to the point where the Microsoft Windows' help pages have gone from reporting what limited roles are deployable, to listing only non-incorporated roles

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Interworx vs. cPanel: Part 1

Posted on by David Singer | Updated:
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In this next series of articles, we will be doing a side by side comparison of the main features of both InterWorx/SiteWorx vs. cPanel/WHM. We offer this information to assist our clients in choosing the right product to fit their needs. Let’s dive right in…

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