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Ever wonder how content is served to your device, and how quickly you can access and view the content? The answer is the content is served from either a CDN or an eCDN. A CDN serves public-facing content while an eCDN serves video and live-streaming events to employees within a corporation’s LAN. This article looks at the differences between these two types of networks, how they work, the benefits of each, and when to use one over the other.

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What is Caching?

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Caching Defined

Caching, as it pertains to hosting a website, is the temporary storage of content. This content could be images, files, bits of PHP scripts that are precompiled, HTML pages, results of database queries, and other web objects.

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The Liquid Web Content Delivery Network (CDN) is comprised of thousands of CDN nodes via the Akamai Intelligent Platform. This platform effectively gives our customers the ability to increase global reach over 2,000 percent further than any previously available option. Below is a complete list of the Liquid Web CDN Nodes:

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