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Your domain is the most important part of your web presence. Recognizing this, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has requirements in place that help keep domain transfers secure. Of course, following these requirements means that transferring domains takes a few more steps than you might otherwise think. Here are the steps for transferring domains to and from Liquid Web:

To Transfer A Domain To Liquid Web

Transfer Fee

Domains being transferred to Liquid Web are required to be renewed for an additional year at the time of transfer. This is due to a one-year extension automatically being appended to your existing domain registration at the new registrar during the transfer process. Because of this requirement, we must charge a fee for all incoming generic TLD domain transfers. This additional year is appended to any existing time left on the domain registration.

A generic TLD or top level domain is defined here: Other Specialty, Country Code, or Second-Level TLD’s transfer fees may be higher. We will advise on the cost prior to transfer and will require written authorization for all domain tansfers.

Step 1. Unlock the Domain

Once the domain transfer fee is paid, you will need to log into your current registrar and unlock your domain. This process may vary by registrar so you may need to seek assistance from them should the domain unlock procedure not be transparent.

Step 2. Locate the EPP Key Code

Once the domain is unlocked, you will either receive an email or need to check your email and locate the domain's secret transfer code from your existing registrar. This code is sometimes referred to as an EPP code.

Step 3. Release the EPP Key to the New Registrar

Once the EPP code is acquired, copy and paste this code into your domain transfer LW support ticket and send it back to us. A support technician will then use the code to perform the next step of the registration transfer process. Liquid Web will then pass that EPP code on to our preferred registrar who will then verify you wish to transfer the domain.

Step 4. Verify the Transfer

Once our registrar has asked your registrar to proceed with the transfer of the domain, you will receive an email from our registrar asking for confirmation that you do indeed want to transfer the domain. You will need to follow the instructions provided in order for the transfer to complete. Please note; The time it takes to transfer the domain is not controlled by LW and is determined primarily between the two registrars. Please be aware that delays can occur which are beyond our control.

To Transfer A Domain Away From Liquid Web

The process of moving your domain away from Liquid Web is the same process as above, only reversed. After the request has been made, a member of Liquid Web's Heroic Support® Team will unlock the domain and send you the EPP transfer code. You will have to follow your new registrar's instructions for using that code to request the domain transfer.

If at any point during the domain transfer process you have questions, need assistance, or are experiencing any problems, simply give us a call at 800.580.4985, or open a chat or ticket with us to speak with one of our knowledgeable System Administrators!

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